Výukové materiály ZŠ Kaplice, Školní 226

Sixth class

Unit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3 Unit 4 Unit 5 Unit 6 Unit 7 Unit 8 Unit 9 Unit 10Literatura

Unit 1

1 Crossword


2 Learn the dialogue

What´s your name?
My name is
What´s your surname?
My surname is
Where are you from?
I am from
How old are you,
I am                 years old.
What´s your telephone number?
My tel.number is
Have you got a pet?
I have a
What is your favourite sport?
My favourite sport is
What is your favourite colour?
My favourite colour is
What does your father do?
My father
Where does your mother work?
She works in

3 Match the sentences

I am cold. We are in the same form.
I am 32. He likes cats.
My brother is very tall. They´re on the floor.
John doesn´t like dogs close the window, please.
It´s ten o´clock. My brother is 21.
Ann and I are friends. They´re from America.
Jane isn´t at home. But it isn´t warm.
Your keys aren´t on the table. I am small.
Those people aren´t English. You are late.
It´s sunny today. She is at school.

4 Fill in the missing words AM,IS,ARE

Julia                 18 years old.
We                 fom this hotel.
He                 interested in cars.
They                 my good friends.
The cat                 my best pet.
You                 very tall and slim.
Martin                 a policeman.

5 Find the mistakes and correct it

There are ten crayon in my pencil-case.
There is some rubbers on the table.
Tom and I am good friends.
We´r from the same class.
You isn´t Czech, you are English.
Canada is a very big continent.
She´is my best friend.
Her children is at home now.
I am a taxi driver so I work in a hospital.
I have pets. It is two dogs.

6 Wordorder

Old Nick are Debbie how and?
Aren´t Ben from Nick and India.
Tortoise you silly are a.
Black is Miss teacher a.
´m clever I very a girl.
Are friends Tom your Martin and?
A have they new got teacher.
I open window can the?
She can in Czech say it?
The can I go toilet to?
Got homework I sorry, haven´t my.

7 Write short answers

Is Jitka from Ostrava? Y
Is Martin six years old? N
Are Lucy and Tom from this school? N
Is Debbie your sister? Y
Is the cat black? N
Are grandparents at home? N
Is our teacher at school today? Y
Are the oranges orange? Y

8 Read the text and answer the questions

Tom, Martin, Lucy and Ann go to the same class. Tom and Lucy are brother and sister. Ann is tall and slim. She is ten years old. She has got black hair. Tom is 11. He´s short and he´s got blond hair. Martin is ten and his friend Lucy is eleven. They are tall and they have got brown hair.

Who is Tom ´s sister?
Who is short?
Who is slim?
Who has got blond hair?
Who is eleven?
Who is ten?
Who has got black hair?
Who has got brown hair?

9 Translate

10 pravítek
12 knih
8 tašek
20 děvčat
10 chlapců
9 pomerančů
4 želvy

10 Make sentences,use the verb TO BE

Mother-at home y
Your parents-well y
Your job-interesting n
The shops-open n
My address-new n
I-from the U.K. y
I-eleven n

11 Make the questions

How old
A shop keeper
Her name

12 Write true answers

Are you happy?
Is it cold today?
Are you eleven?
Are you a boy?
Are you a girl?
Are you at school?
Are you hungry?
Are you thirsty?